LaToya Green's engaging and humorous style captivates audiences and introduces listeners to tips and techniques that foster a stronger foundation of purpose. LaToya believes that “inspired people, inspire people” and threads that idea through all of her presentations. Motivated by the “bigness” of life, LaToya encourages people to DO something with the opportunities it provides. Because inspiration can be contagious, LaToya counsels people to set the atmosphere instead of reflecting it by being a thermostat in a world of thermometers.

Her ultimate passion is to empower leaders and social entrepreneurs to chase the goals they set with a refreshed, refined perspective. In her view, personal, social, and professional change happen when you begin to see things in “higher definition”. By observing the dynamic ability of individuals to provoke action in her own life; from the preachers in the pulpit to activists in community politics, she has gleaned from the wisdom of effective leaders. LaToya now seeks to share that wisdom with others through Higher Definition Leadership and Empowerment Coaching.

LaToya brings to HDLEC over 10 years of experience in community and academic organizational leadership and 5 years of debate and argumentation. She has spoken before large audiences at Columbia University, Morgan State University, the University of Kansas, Emporia State University, the University of Texas at Austin, and the University of Southern California. She holds a BFA in Communication-Public Relations and an MA in Communications rhetoric, and is currently a Professor and Director of Debate at California State University-Fullerton, and is celebrated as one of the best “debate-minds” in the activity. Honors include the 2015 Weber State University Coach of the Year Award, the Cross Examination Debate Association 2015 Mid-America Critic of the Year Award, and the Kansas City, Kansas Community College Most Preferred Critic of 2014. And she has been featured on NPR, KKFI’s “Guess Who’s Coming to Kansas City”, KPRT’s “Generation Rap”, and she co-hosts her own original podcast called, “The Chop Up.

LaToya has been at the forefront of cultivating collaborative attitudes, encouraging meaningful and positive engagement, and challenging individuals to maximize opportunities. Personally, socially, and professionally she has enjoyed inspiring people to become the best versions of themselves, and she is now available to motivate and challenge your students, employees, and board members to be inspired people who inspire people.