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Keynote Speaking

LaToya provokes audience's around the country to #LiveinHD by speaking openly and honestly about the commitment-to-self is takes to empower yourself, and the commitment-to-service it takes to lead others. Some speech topics include "The 5 I's,"  "The Philosophy of Traffic," and " Activism and the T.R.U.T.H.- What All Movements Need"


Participate in leadership and development coaching sessions with LaToya in a smaller environment, perfect for comprehensive training and personal/organizational/professional development. With a wide range of workshop material to fit various audiences, she is sure to motivate participants to think about the next level. Workshops include, but are not limited to:

  • Higher Definition Institute (HDI)- Designed for middle and high school students, this workshop introduces students to the core values of HDLEC (positivity, humility, accountability, etc.) in engaging and interactive sessions that will make them excited to say, "I'm HD Certified."
  • #SquadGoals- This workshop is designed for high school and college students who participate in or lead organizations. In theory, effective organizations work like clockwork. This training emphases principles of "tik-TOC" (teamwork, organization, and communication) as the pillars of success.
  • "We" in HD- Created to enhance small-group performance, LaToya uses this workshop to explore the best ways to navigate diverse people, ideas, and outlooks to achieve a common goal.

Watch LaToya Online

Keep up with LaToya and HDLEC by following @higherdefinitionlec on Facebook and Instagram and @HDLEC_ on Twitter! There, you will find tons of motivation and advice to push you through from day-to-day. Take advantage of "Live" interaction sessions on Facebook and IG and look out for #HigherDefinitionWednesday posts, created to give you a mid-week push! Plus much more...